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American Logistics, Inc is a rapidly growing, agent-based logistics platform and an affiliate company of Network Transport, the 95th largest brokerage company in the U.S. American Logistics is looking for a select few, highly motivated, professional, ethical, agents to be part of its growing team. Instead of spending your time on billing, collections, liability insurance, contracts and claims, let us take care of those items for you, so you can focus on developing relationships with your clients and growing your business.

Grow Your Business

We offer competitive commissions to our agents. There are no hidden fees. We believe in 100% transparency between the company and our agents. American Logistics provides full billing and collections support and boasts a 97% success rate on claims. American Logistics doesn’t share customers between agents, your customers stay with you! We offer our agents a world-class TMS and support technology to ensure optimal efficiency and superior earnings. American Logistics will assist with pricing and bids and offers complete contract management. Here’s a list of some of the additional items we offer our agents:

American Logistics Agents Receive

• World class support — “Our agents are our customers” • Company email address

• Access to the American Logistics operations staff and to executives, available anytime to assist or answer questions.

• Best in Class Transportation Management System

• Produce 30% more with our full automated TMS

• An integrated mobile app

• Captive billing and collections support

• LTL Optimization and marketplace with competitive tariff rates

• Optional operational support teams if needed • Claims support

• Weekly pay

• No-charge load boards

• Automated load processing

• Driver quick pay

• Access to unsaturated markets — open customers and territories

• Contract management

• $5,000,000 Auto and General Liability $250,000 Cargo

Our Channel Partners Include

• Best in Class Transportation Management System

• Macropoint

• Microsoft Office Suite

• Automated electronic carrier payments

• Sylectus


Contact Us Today!

Let's talk about how we can grow your business with a strong, stable partner, American Logistics


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